Our most innovative and
comprehensive plan for all
your health needs


Our most innovative and comprehensive plan for all your health needs


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*Only one deductible per person, per policy year applies. For family policies, a maximum of two deductibles accumulated per policy, per policy year will be applied. For more information, please refer to the policy’s Conditions of Coverage.


Maximum coverage per person, per policy yearUnilimited
Age to applyUp to 75 years old
Waiting Period30 days
Geographical coverageWorldwide without restrictions of doctors and hospitals
Standard private hospital room100% UCR
Special benefit for suite accommodation (subject to availability)Up to US$3,000 per day within the USA Special Network®
Intensive care unit100% UCR
Adult companion accommodation expenses (Of a hospitalized insured under 18 years old)100% UCR, unlimited nights
Adult companion accommodation expenses (Of a hospitalized insured over 18 years old)100% UCR, max. of 21 nights
Prescribed medications while hospitalized100% UCR
Emergency room care100% UCR
Physician and specialist visits100% UCR
Physician and specialist home visits 100% UCR
Prescription medication100% UCR
Complementary therapy: chiropractor, psychologist, psychiatrist, osteopathy and/or acupunctureUS$6,000
Nurse or therapist care at home100% UCR
Preventive health checkup, per insured, no deductible applies (options I, II, III, IV, V & VI)• US$300 per visit, up to 6 visits, for insureds from 0 to 12 months of age
• Up to US$500 from 12 months of age and older, including up to US$75 for preventive dental checkup in options I, II & III
Hearing aidsUS$3,000 per lifetime
Alzheimer’s disease100% UCR
Autism treatment• 100% UCR if the insured was born in the policy under a covered maternity
• US$10,000 for insureds not born under a covered maternity who developed the condition while they were insured
Allergy treatment100% UCR
Surgeon and anesthesiologist fees 100% UCR
Diagnostic study services (laboratory tests, pathology, X-rays, MRI/CT/PET scans)100% UCR
Oncology: cancer tests, treatment (chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy) and medication100% UCR
Surgery to reduce the risk of cancer or prophylactic surgeryUS$30,000 per lifetime (after a 12-month waiting period)
Dialysis services100% UCR
Prostheses and medical appliances implanted during surgery 100% UCR
Organ transplant (per organ/tissue)US$3,000,000 per lifetime
Includes US$80,000 benefit for expenses of the live donor
Durable medical equipment 100% UCR
Specialized treatments (occupational therapy, speech therapy, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders)US$5,000
Physical therapy and rehabilitation 100% UCR
Congenital conditions diagnosed before age 18US$2,000,000 per lifetime
Congenital conditions diagnosed after age 18 100% UCR
HIV-AIDSUS$1,000,000 per lifetime (after a 24-month waiting period)
Bariatric surgery US$15,000 per lifetime (after a 24-month waiting period)
Surgical treatment of symptomatic foot disorders100% UCR (after a 24-month waiting period)
Reconstructive surgery after an accident or illnessUp to the benefit limit
Maternity (options I, II & III)• 100% UCR normal delivery in a hospital within the Special Maternity Network®
• US$8,000 for normal delivery in a hospital outside the Special Maternity Network®
• US$10,000 for cesarean delivery inside or outside the Special Maternity Network®
10-month waiting period, no deductible applies.
Extraction and storage of stem cells (options I, II & III)US$2,000 per covered pregnancy
Maternity and newborn complications (options I, II & III)US$1,000,000 (per lifetime)
Inclusion of the newborn within 90 days after the birth (options I, II & III)Without underwriting, if born from a covered maternity and the newborn is not the result of a fertility treatment
Free coverage for dependents up to 10 years old (options I & II)• Max. of 2 children born from a covered maternity (options I & II only), if both parents are insured in the policy
• Max. of 1 child born from a covered maternity (options I & II only), if only the mother is insured in the policy
Fertility treatment (options I & II)US$5,000 per lifetime, after deductible (after a 24-month waiting period)
Emergency transportation by ground ambulance100% UCR, no deductible applies
Emergency transportation by air ambulance 100% UCR, no deductible applies
Cost of return ticket for the insured and one companion after an evacuation by air ambulanceUS$2,000 per person
Repatriation or cremation of mortal remains100% UCR
Injuries during the training or practice of hazardous hobbies and/orprofessional sports100% UCR
Emergency dental coverage 100% UCR for treatment within the first 180 days of the covered accident
Refractive eye surgery US$500 per eye, per lifetime (after a 24-month waiting period)
Palliative care100% UCR
Temporary coverage for accidents while application is being underwritten US$30,000
Free extended coverage for eligible dependents after policyholder’s death 2 years
Deductible elimination/reduction for no claims for 3 yearsOptions I, II, III & IV:
• Elimination for 1 year, after the 3rd year without claims
• Reduction of 50% of the deductible for 1 year after the 3rd year, if the deductible was not met in any of the years

Options V & VI
• Reduction of 50% of the deductible for 1 year after the 3rd year without claims
Travel VIP LightUp to US$5,000 for emergency medical treatment while traveling abroad (with rider)
Second Medical Opinion VIP®Access to a second medical opinion of renowed experts from around the world, without deductible