Health Plan

Effective July 2019


Lifetime coverage
  • Unlimited
Maximum coverage per person, per policy pear
  • Unlimited
Age limit to apply
  • 75
Waiting period
  • 30 days
Geographical coverage
  • Worldwide without restrictions of doctors and hospitals
Standard private hospital room
  • 100% UCR
Special benefit for suite
  • Up to US$3,000 per day within the “USA Special Network”
Intensive care unit
  • 100% UCR
Companion during hospitalization
  • 100% UCR, max. of 21 nights
Prescribed medications while in a hospital and following a hospitalization or outpatient surgery
  • 100% UCR
Inpatient mental health treatment
  • US$10,000
Emergency room
  • 100% UCR
Physicians and specialist visits
  • 100% UCR
Physicians and specialist home visits
  • 100% UCR
Outpatient or non-hospitalization prescription medication
  • 100% UCR
Complementary therapy: chiropractor, psychiatrist, speech therapy, osteopathy and/or acupuncture
  • 100% UCR up to 100 visits, all therapies combined
Nurse care at home
  • 100% UCR
Preventive health check-up per insured no deductible (all options)
  • 100% UCR from 0 to 6 months of age, up to 6 visits
  • US$600 per policy year from 6 months to 17 years of age, including up to US$75 for preventive dental checkup in options I & II
  • US$800 per policy year from 18 years of age and older, including up to US$75 for preventive dental checkup in options I & II
Hearing aids (per lifetime)
  • US$3,000
Specialized treatments (autism, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders)
  • US$4,000
  • 100% UCR
  • 100% UCR if the insured was born in the policy under a covered maternity
  • US$10,000 for insureds not born under a covered maternity
    who developed the condition while they were insured
Allergy treatment
  • 100% UCR
GENERAL BENEFITS (The following benefits offer the same coverage for both inpatient and outpatient procedures)
Emergency medical services
  • 100% UCR
Surgeon and anesthesiologist fees
  • 100% UCR
Diagnostic study services (laboratory tests, pathology, X-rays, MRI/CT/PET scans)
  • 100% UCR
Cancer tests, medication and treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy)
  • 100% UCR
Surgery to reduce the risk of cancer or prophylactic surgery (per lifetime)
  • US$30,000 (after a 12-month waiting period)
  • 100% UCR
Prostheses and medical appliances implanted during surgery
  • 100% UCR
Organ transplant (per organ/tissue, per lifetime)
  • US$3,000,000
Benefits for live donors
  • US$80,000
Durable medical equipment
  • 100% UCR
Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • 100% UCR
Congenital conditions diagnosed before age 18 (per lifetime)
  • US$2,000,000
Congenital conditions diagnosed after age 18
  • 100% UCR
HIV-AIDS (per lifetime)
  • US$1,000,000 (after a 24-month waiting period)
Bariatric surgery (per lifetime)
  • US$15,000 (after a 24-month waiting period )
Surgical treatment of symptomatic foot disorders
  • 100% UCR (after a 24-month waiting period)
  • US$5,000
Mental health prescription medication (inpatient and/or outpatient)
  • US$5,000
MATERNITY BENEFITS (10-month waiting period, no deductible applies)
  • Option I: US$10,000, no deductible applis
  • Option II: US$10,000, after deductible
Extraction and storage of stem cells (option I)
  • US$2,000 per covered pregnancy
Maternity and newborn complications (option I)
  • Option I: US$1,000,000, no deductible applies
  • Option II: US$500,000, after deductible (with rider)
Inclusion of the newborn (options I & II)
  • Without underwriting if born from a covered maternity
Fertility treatment (per lifetime) (option I)
  • US$5,000, after deductible (after a 24-month waiting period)
Emergency transportation by ground ambulance
  • 100% UCR, no deductible applies
Emergency transportation by air ambulance
  • 100% UCR, no deductible applies
Insured’s and companion’s return ticket after an evacuation by air ambulance
  • US$2,000 per person
Repatriation of mortal remains
  • 100% UCR
Hazardous hobbies and professional sports
  • 100% UCR
Emergency dental coverage
  • 100% UCR for the first 180 days
Refractive eye surgery (per lifetime)
  • US$500 per eye (after a 24-month waiting period)
Palliative care for terminal cases
  • 100% UCR
Temporary coverage for accidents while application is being underwritten
  • US$50,000
Free extended coverage for eligible dependents after policyholder’s death
  • 2 years
Free coverage for dependents (option I)
  • Up to 10 years old, max. of 2 children born in the policy from a covered maternity
Deductible elimination/reduction for no claims made*
  • Elimination for 1 policy year after the 3rd year without claims (option I & II)
  • Reduction of up to 50% for 1 policy year after the 3rd year without claims (options III & IV)
Second medical opinion VIP
  • Access to the medical opinion of internationally renowned
    experts from around the world regarding a condition, without deductible
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