About Us

VIP Universal Medical Insurance Group, LLC “VUMI” is a company located in Dallas, Texas, with more than 20 years experience offering services, through its affiliates and subsidiaries, to international corporations and insurance companies. We specialize in handling medical costs, optimization of the process related to patient navigation and attention, and hospital admission protocol worldwide. Due to our extensive experience, we have created our own unique insurance products.


In addition to the huge range of services for major medical insurance, VUMI designed products for individual and corporate clients at a global level.
VIP Universal Medical Insurance Group, Ltd. is a licensed insurance company domiciled in Turks & Caicos Islands, a British Overseas Territory and possession of the United Kingdom that is governed by a British appointed authority.
The territory’s legal system is based on English common law, which, for the insurance industry, is one of the most strict and well regulated. As a result, our insurance products offer strength and confidence.

VUMI has implemented programs of a superior quality in connection with practically all phases of the major medical industry.  Its accomplishments range from aiding the patient to select the best possible option for their medical treatment, to the processing and administration. This means that the patient navigation in all its aspects (and associated services) makes VUMI a leader in the industry.

The leadership of VUMI are experienced professionals in the medical insurance field and have targeted the satisfaction of their clients as their major goal. We focus on building a special loyalty between ourselves and our clients through offering high levels of service, creative and dynamic solutions.  Our doctors focus on providing access to the most sophisticated programs for medical attention in this complex universe of options and possibilities.

Our promise is to offer our clients the security that they are being provided with the best coverage in their country of residence or in any place in the world where they choose to receive care.  We are a global company and we provide the confidence of immediate access, at any time, to any hospital or medical service provider in the world.  VUMI has gone further and has created The VIP Protocol, in conjunction with many hospitals, which gives our members unique services. The VIP Protocol is a chance for our members to receive personalized attention when it’s needed most. The combination of process and service starts at the moment the application is generated and continues through the payment of the claims.

Our agent distribution network is one of the company’s strengths. They are first-rate professionals with a high sense of ethics, ample experience, and provide expert advice regarding our products and their options.

VUMI has multiple offices in Texas with its corporate headquarters located in Dallas; we also have regional offices in Florida, California, and San Jose, Costa Rica. We have plans to open additional offices in other Latin American countries in the near future.

To be protected, VUMI is your best option.

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